Energenie Standby Shutdown extension lead


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Hi, I’m Doug Vears, I’m the Technical manager here at Energenie.

Today I’m going to introduce you to the (CU product) Energenie Standby Shutdown extension lead for

TVs and Audio Visual equipment.


This piece of kit (brief CU product) will automatically shut off the socket power when you put your TV

into standby (brief CU product)

So now you can turn off completely things like TVs, video playback machines and games consoles

that needlessly waste electricity in standby and of course present a major safety hazard.

(tight MS Doug) So how does it work?

To set up the Energenie extension lead you simply plug it in to your chosen wall socket, (CU cutaway

of action). Then stick the infrared sensor head conveniently to the front of your TV where you can

see it. Now plug your TV and video player and any games console into any of the 4 sockets marked

standby and switch the mains supply on.

As you can see the red indicator light) near the ON/OFF button will flash steadily.

Now point the infrared handset of your TV at the sensor head and press and hold the power button

for a second or two. You should see the red light flash quickly three or four times as it learns your

controller and it should then stay steadily on. You may then hear a click as power is provided to the 4

sockets. Wait for a minute or so then press the green button on the unit to finish the procedure.

That means we’re done and the extension lead is now ready to use.

Point the hand set in the direction of the sensor you fixed up earlier and press the power button for a

second or so. This will bring power back to the sockets. Press the power button again to switch your

TV on and use as normal.

When you later switch your TV back to standby the Energenie will recognise that you have done this

and safely remove all power after a minute or so automatically.

If you change any of the equipment plugged in, it is advisable to restore the Energenie to its factory setting by

simply pressing the green button here for 6 seconds until the red indicator flashes. And then repeat the set up

procedure as previously describe.

We love to get feedback from customers about our products so please do get in touch. We’d love to

hear from you.

Thanks for watching: this has been Doug from Energenie.

Be Safe, Be Green, Be Happy! 

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