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When winter's approaching, everyone wants ways to save money on their energy, but you can cut your spend at any time of the year by just making a few small changes.

Roof insulation is often present in your loft, but if it's not, get it in — it can save you around £180 a year and cut your CO2 emissions. To help pay for it, apply for a government scheme like the Green Deal, or see if any energy suppliers are running insulation promotions.

Insulation will help to keep more of your heating in the house, so you don't need the radiators up so high. The average heating bill is still around £600 a year, but if you fit electronic thermostatic radiator valves, you may be able to cut 25 per cent from your bills.

The average house has around 34 lights in it, costing around £84 a year. The old adage about switching them off as you leave the room can help to cut costs, as can fitting LED bulbs can slash up to 85 per cent from your lighting bill.

Lots of us are guilty of leaving on the TV and DVD player, as well as the lights, but doing so wastes around £86 a year. It's a simple thing to combat too - either switch them off when you've finished using them or invest in an AV automatic shutdown plug that powers down a number of devices with one press of the remote.

As you may imagine, all the appliances in the kitchen can really eat up the energy, but there are little changes you can make that will lessen the blow to your wallet.

Take the washing machine — it can be one of the biggest drains in the house, but an economy wash can cut energy usage by around 87 per cent. Then you've got the fridge — it uses less energy when it's full, so make sure it's always around three-quarter capacity. The opposite's true of the kettle, so only boil what you need.

So as you can see, our little tour has shown you plenty of ways you can cut your bills to help keep extra cash in your pocket. Head to to discover loads of devices that'll help reduce the amount you spend on your energy.

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