What you need to know before building the smart home of your dreams

23rd May 2019

You’ve taken the first steps into the world of smart home automation by acquiring your first MiHome Wifi Smart Plug or perhaps a multitude of MiHome Wifi Smart Plugs used in different ways across your home. But how do you decide what to invest in next to build your connected home within your budget?

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Here’s a simple guide to help you get started on building your ideal smart home:

  1. Start with the MiHome Gateway

The MiHome Gateway is the hub providing the communications between all your MiHome devices and the internet. If you want to build your connected home then you will need to invest in the MiHome Gateway to remotely control your smart lighting, heating, sockets and security. With its easy connection to your router via the ethernet cable provided, it is simple to set up and within minutes the Gateway will enable you to manage scheduling, triggers and IFTTT through the free iOS and Android MiHome app. The MiHome Gateway also allows up to 32 devices to be connected meaning you can purchase it once and use it with a whole range of MiHome products including smart sockets, smart lighting, smart heating and smart security.

Want to automate your lighting to come on when you’re a mile from home? Want to be alerted if motion is detected in your home when you’re on holiday? Want your heating timed to come on for those chilly early morning starts? Want to use voice control to manage your smart home?

The MiHome Gateway will enable you to remotely control all of these devices for your own convenience and peace of mind.

MiHome Single Light Switch Chrome

2. Smart Lighting is cost-effective and easy to set up

MiHome Light Switches can be retrofitted into your existing light switches making them really easy to set up. With one switch you can control all the lighting in a single room or use smart switches in each room and control them separately through the MiHome Gateway and App. Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT, you can also use the MiHome smart home app to easily control your light switches from your device remotely using geofencing, timers and triggers. Single and double light switches are available in a range of five finishes so you can coordinate your smart home with your existing home interiors.

3. Smart Home Security devices will give peace of mind all year round

Leaving your home alone when you go on holiday or even out for long periods of time is always a worry particularly in the Summer when you might forget to close windows and doors. MiHome Smart Motion Sensors enable you to monitor movement in your home when you’re not there with an alert to your phone to let you know when movement has been detected. You can also use the MiHome app to quickly check all the doors and windows fitted with a MiHome Window or Door Sensor are closed before you leave home.

MiHome Motion Sensor

4. Smart Heating can make a huge difference to your bills

With recent statistics from the Fraunhofer Institute, citing that intelligent house control using smart home can save up to 40% of heating costs, it’s no wonder that the MiHome Smart Thermostat and MiHome Radiator Valves are among our most popular home automation products.

The competitively-priced, Alexa-compatible MiHome Thermostat can be controlled remotely via the MiHome app with timers to adjust the temperature to come on and off at particular times and geofencing, so you can control your heating to come on when you are a particular distance from home.

MiHome’s easy-to-install Smart Radiator Valves use zonal heating which means you can match heating supply to demand in specific parts of your home at different times of day rather than heating every room when you don’t need to. Not only is this more convenient but it can save you around 30% on your energy bills. They work with Alexa and can be retrofitted onto your existing radiators.

5. Pick and choose the features that best suit your needs

MiHome is one of the most affordable home automation solutions in the market and once you’ve invested in your MiHome Gateway you can start small and build little by little to suit your budget. Taking just minutes to set up, MiHome’s easy-to-install range of smart home products and finishes can help you get closer to the smart home of your dreams. To view our full range of MiHome products visit: https://energenie4u.co.uk/mihome/the_range/

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